When you start a sport, you very quickly want to have your own personal equipment.

So, how do you choose your first scuba diving equipment?A mask and a snorkel: the smallest investment in equipment.This is one of the first things we teach scuba divers: spitting in the mask to avoid fogging up during a dive and emptying your mask underwater for the same reasons. The greasier the spit…the less fog. It’s already dirty, so why not avoid sharing this delicious practice with hundreds of divers? For the modest sum of 40€ (approximately), you will have a mask of your own, with the following advantages:It will be adjusted to your face without any unpleasant leaks that can spoil the dive.It will be adapted to your nose morphology which will facilitate the balancing of your ears during the Valsalva.You don’t share germs with other divers… You can be sure to “clear” your mask to minimize the appearance of fogging on a new mask.If you have vision problems, you can have corrective lenses made to avoid wearing lenses.Dive computer: managing your dive planning and safetyScuba diving is no more dangerous than any other sport, but it does require following rules. Diving with a computer that you know, with your dive parameters, will allow you to manage your descent speed (for your ears), your ascent (for your nitrogen bubbles), the profile of your dive (to predict the air conso) and of course…your safety!If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend an entry-level second-hand watch in the 100€ range, reliable, easy to handle and readable.Later on, if you continue your career as a fish man/woman, you will switch to the top of the range and your first watch will then serve as a backup attached to your vest, in case your main watch or your buddy’s watch breaks down.For novice divers, it is advisable to buy an easy and reliable dive computer.The regulator, because it is your link to life underwater.Being an eco-responsible diver also means your safety. Humans are not (yet) equipped with gills so we use a regulator. And nothing worse, underwater, than having an unpleasant surprise on the air supply. And there can be many such surprises, for poorly maintained equipment. A regulator which bugs (continuous flow of the regulator, immediate ascent), which stops because of a manufacturer problem (impossible to breathe), which has a damaged nozzle (difficult to keep in mouth), a nozzle badly cleaned after having been used by another diver (hop a cold!), a nozzle which unhooks because the cable clamp has released (yes, it happens), a breathing performance below the manufacturer’s recommendations.Your link to life in scuba diving is the regulator, in which you must have confidence. So before anything else, it is the purchase of this equipment that I recommend, for your safety, comfort and hygiene.Suit to your size.Being cold can spoil a dive, and can also be a risk if the thermal protection is not adapted. In addition, divers have a very strong habit of peeing in their wet suit. You can’t blame them, the pressure and the cold makes the kidneys work harder and you need to hydrate before diving.Stabilizer vestsThe vest, if it’s too small or too big, is manageable but not pleasant. Generally, club vests are made to have sufficient air capacity whatever the morphology and are easy to manage. Afterwards, as you progress, you often try to buy a vest for several reasons:At its size for more comfortWith rings and accessories to stow/hang up your equipment such as torches, cameras, landing gear etc.A plumb pocket system when you don’t like belts (like me!) 4) back comfort with padded vestsOptimized vest weight for hold luggageA quick, visible and easily accessible purge system (for yourself and a rescue diver if needed)Inflation capacity ensuring safety at all depthsPalm: comfort, to get the most out of your palmThe fin…If you want to do well, you take it with the mask and snorkel because it is not a big investment but at the same time…It is purely for comfort, unless you dive regularly in the current. In which case a good flipper is essential.In any case, if you decide to buy a palm, take a second hand palm that will be cheaper and environmentally friendly. Why not a shoe fin? Because with an adjustable fin, you can dive in warm, cold water, with or without booties and it’s easier to take off in the water. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Diving_apparatus

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