Another 911 call came from a driver who saw someone screaming for help in a vehicle that matched the description of the kidnapper’s car. It turned out to be Lee struggling with Michael King, the man who ultimately killed her. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office failed to send a deputy to investigate the report..

A new global estimate of the impact of longline fisheries on seabirds reveals that, despite efforts to reduce seabird deaths, upwards of 300,000 birds are still being killed every year. The study by scientists from BirdLife International and the RSPB is published in the journal Endangered Species Research. It is a powerful reminder of how far we still need to go to ensure ecologically responsible fishing..

The former 8th round pick of the Houston Oilers was known as the for his punishing style of tackling from the safety position.truly honored and blessed to be voted into the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame amongst other distinguished players who have played in the Senior Bowl, Bishop said.playing cornerback at Ball State, Blaine made the switch to safety with the Houston Oilers and emerged as a Pro Bowl caliber player during his career with the Tennessee Titans, Savage said. Was known across the NFL as one of the league’s fiercest tacklers. DAK PRESCOTT NAMED REESE SENIOR BOWL ROOKIE OF YEARDallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will be honored as the Reese Senior Bowl Rookie of the Year during the March 30 ceremony.Prescott, who played in the 2016 Reese Senior Bowl and was drafted by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the NFL Draft, was named to the Pro Bowl in February.his incredibly poised play and magnetic leadership, Dak Prescott is the obvious choice for our 2016 Rookie of the Year Award, Savage said.

They are taking out home equity lines of credit in their house to pay off this finance agreement,” said Larry Centola, a plaintiffs’ attorney who filed the class action complaint last Friday against GreenSky, LLC and SunTrust Bank, Inc.It alleges Louisiana solar companies acted as GreenSky’s agent when they presented consumers with 18 month interest free bridge loans by GreenSky, a partner in the loans with SunTrust Bank.The suit claims rather than being interest free, the loan with GreenSky “actually incurred interest from the moment of purchase,” an “interest rate of at least 17.99 percent.” It also mentions that if a consumer paid off the loan within 18 months, the interest adding up over all of that time would be waived.”So these consumers thought they would have money from the state tax credit to pay the finance agreement. Now they don’t, and now they owe a considerable amount of interest that they thought that they wouldn’t owe. So that’s where the panic sets in,” Centola said.Panic did set in over the summer for consumers Kevin Harvey of Ponchatoula and Crystal Viator of Belle Chasse.”I really don’t know what to do.