Former movie studio executive Sherry Lansing is 70. Actor Barry Van Dyke is 63. Actor Michael Biehn is 58. Ben Gamel had a two run homer with two outs in the fifth inning to pull Seattle even and snap a string of 26 2/3 scoreless innings by Kluber. Both of the runs were unearned after an error by Giovanny Urshela. But it was the only offense the Mariners could produce against Cleveland’s ace..

There have already been two major blowouts in the Nova Scotia offshore. In the early 1980s, two exploratory wells, Shell’s Uniacke G 72 and Mobil’s West Venture N 91, both blew wild. Uniacke took 10 days to get under control. Dissatisfied activist shareholders called public attention to the error in early May. At first, Thompson said he was not aware of the misstatement, but according to the Wall Street Journal, an internal investigation at the company showed that he had allowed the inaccuracy to appear on his resume for several years. The company is now looking into whether it can fire Thompson cause, which, the Journal notes, would cost him severance pay..

Fixing it, is now one Marine’s mission.”If we don’t do something, because they’re in crisis, if we don’t save them it’s gonna have immense after effects for the rest of our world,” said Rudy Reyes.Reyes is a former marine a scout sniper who did tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa.He says life after the military wasn’t easy, but one day several of his friends took him SCUBA diving. He had done dives for missions in the past, but this was different.”In the most beautiful ocean in the world, 85 degrees, 120 ft. Visibility I’m seeing all these beautiful God’s creatures, in the reefs and in the wrecks, and it started healing me,” Reyes said.And he wants to pass that healing on, it’s why he started Force Blue; a charity for former members of the military that takes them diving to repair coral reefs.”We are now using our aquatic skills, our sub surface skills with rebreathers and high end dive equipment to rebuild and replant coral reefs around the world,” said Reyes.”They are a mission who needs warriors, and we are warriors that need a mission.”Reyes says having a mission is so important once you’re out of the military, especially since that’s all they know.”When we don’t have that framework, there’s an emptiness in life.

It’s like me going out to buy a new car. If I go buy a new car and see 10 things wrong with it, I am not going to buy this car just because I’ve been waiting seven years. He is playing politics with Americans’ lives. An Oakland Raiders cornerback who prosecutors say beat and stomped on his sister’s boyfriend was charged on Thursday with assault and battery. Sean Lee Smith, a 30 year old National Football League defensive player, could face up to seven years in prison if he is convicted on all three felony counts against him, which include allegations of causing great bodily injury. Crews in state capital Annapolis hitched straps overnight to the 145 year old bronze statue outside State House and lifted it from its base with a crane, according to media reports and social media postings.