We sat outside the dome and an executive from our team walked by and didn’t even recognize us, so that feeling of invisibility, you know, is just it really struck me and stayed with me and I kind of ask myself do I project that same invisibility on people that are displaced and homeless and, you know, I just kind of critiqued the way I go about things. We saw you transform yourself physically which is why people didn’t recognize you but how did you prepare yourself mentally for this challenge? Well, for me, you know, it wasn’t as much of a how do I psych myself up for something like this. It wasn’t for me about trying to get through it.

In contrast, Jay Cutler is a quarterback transformed in Chicago. He’ll still occasionally try to do too much and turn the ball over but no one can deny the magnitude of the victory he steered the Bears to at Lambeau Field. The Bears now have a 5 6 record and victory over the 49ers this weekend will keep them on the edge of the play off race..

And he was in middle school. So it’s kind of funny. So many young guys now. The ratio of BTTs to TWTs is over 2.0 for most elite quarterbacks and anything under 1.0 is non starter level. This season he has 14 BTTs compared to nine TWTs and a completion percentage of 67.5. It’s like he’s a completely different player and one that looks like he deserves to be paid like a starter..

The “fiscal cliff” refers to a Jan. 1, 2013, deadline when the Budget Control Act of 2011 will go into effect resulting in record, across the board tax increases as well as roughly $530 billion in annual spending cuts of which half will target the military. GDP by a whopping 4 percentage points next year and send the country back into recession.

QB Eric Dungey (86.0, 9th among FBS QBs): It should come as no surprise that Syracuse’s junior signal caller graded out as one of the team’s top players. He threw for 279 yards, two touchdowns and one interception (off a deflection). Dungey also ran for 105 yards and another score, committing zero turnovers over 79 snaps..

It will be tough not to let the mind wander on Sunday, though, when the Saints face the Falcons and the Cowboys face the Seahawks in a couple of games that could play significant roles in shaping the NFC playoff field. A Falcons win, for instance, would clinch a playoff berth for Atlanta and send New Orleans into a near must win Week 17 game in Tampa Bay. Blount, though, will be consuming his football through a more abstract lens..