The Seahawks and Panthers met for the sixth time in four years and for the second straight season in the NFC divisional playoffs. The Seahawks won four of the previous five matchups, but their winning streak was not destined to happen on Sunday. They faced a Carolina team that was more confident and battle tested..

An eave over the front door had separated from the house at 21815 Ocean Pines Drive.Eleven homes were initially evacuated when the pit opened on July 14. Some families were later allowed to return.The Pasco County Commission awarded a $640,000 contract last week to Ceres Environmental Services to clear debris from the sinkhole. On Friday, work was temporarily halted after large chunks of the hole’s edge crumbled inward.Over the weekend, workers dumped 125 truckloads of crushed limestone into the hole to stabilize one edge of it and build a ramp into the depression.

If technology is what the C suite is talking about, said Engelbert, they will want to hire and promote people who are focused on it, too. “Think and be curious about things like cyber, digital, cloud, the sharing economy, the Internet of Things.” Acquiring more capability in these areas will give women more confidence to succeed. She commented that women in business schools should develop their STEM knowledge (science, technology, engineering and math).

I am committed to making sure this access to quality anesthesia care continues. My worry is this bill (and further regulations) will intimidate operating physicians from choosing to work with nurse anesthetists. The anesthesiologists will make life difficult for the operating physicians I work with even though we have an excellent safety record..

In any event we upgraded from a free trial offer to the lifetime software license after about a week and we haven looked back since. We haven had a cable bill since either. The lifetime license cost us somewhere around $50 or so at the time but that is a small price to pay in my book for a future of $0 cable bills..

The NCAA summarized in its response that not taking an active role in monitoring McGee, Pitino was unable to show that he satisfied his obligations under Bylaw and unable to rebut the presumption of responsibility for the serious and prolonged violations committed by a member of his staff. NCAA has said Louisville committed four Level 1 violations, one of which states that Pitino failed to monitor McGee. Pitino and the university disputed that allegation when responding to the NCAA Notice of Allegations in January, but acknowledged that violations occurred..