LINK: NBA StandingsEarlier this season, Mark Cuban seemed to support adopting last season’s strategy. Only once they are eliminated from the playoffs will the team tank. Before a game against the Washington Wizards, Cuban said, “Not until we were eliminated.

Military Class Rings for the Marines North Carolina Marine Country Camp Lejune or Camp Pendleton if you’re a Marine then you have probably spent most of your earlier days on one of these two posts. Most of you will have met some of your life long friends when doing your training under a drill sergeant that you thought was the devil but now realize he was most of the time your best friend. The training that was hard to endure at the time has probably help save your life and that of your colleagues.

Hoping the issue will come up and it will be discussed, maybe prior to the summit, Sol, a 27 year old grad student in California, told The Associated Press in a phone interview. Just really hopeful. It a positive time. If you aren’t deep into the skateboard scene, you might not realize what a big deal the Skatepark of Tampa is, or that this weekend’s Tampa Pro is considered one of the top skateboarding events of the year. Skaters like Nyjah Imani Huston, who won here in 2014, went on to become the highest paid skateboarder in the world. Rapper Lil Wayne, a huge skateboarding fan, has been in attendance several times, so be on the lookout for Weezy.

Of course, the city may want to avoid letting the public choose its team name, especially in this age of Internet trolling. One needs to only go back as far as last year to find a regrettable name selected by the public. A British government agency let Internet select a name for a polar research vessel.

Bill Peterson of TopSportSolutions Signs on as Initial MemberOHLEsport Chairman and entrepreneur Des Hague and president Justin J. Rose has announced their latest additions to the advisory board, and welcome to the team Bill Peterson, who is a managing director at TopSportSolutions.are delighted that Bill Peterson has joined the OHLEsport Board of Advisors, stated Hague. Is a powerful player in the hospitality and sports worlds and we are thrilled to have his expertise to help launch OHLEsport globally.OHLEpro is literally a game changer, said Peterson.

When a friend or family member is down, we usually have a few stock replies that sound good because we’re pretty sure somebody said them to us in the past, or maybe we heard them in a movie. Strangely, we know that when we’re on the receiving end of this generic advice that it’s about as helpful as a Windows error message, but we just can’t help it. I mean, what else are you going to say?.