Time 3.395. Javelin 1. Remondi. A catch and run to the Washington 38 by Paul Richardson got the Seahawks a long shot chance. But Wilson then got sacked out of any range for even a thought of Walsh trying a fourth field goal, from 64 yards with 4 seconds left. Wilson’s final, desperation heave into the end zone went off two pairs of hands those of Seattle receiver Tanner McEvoy hitting the turf..

Project Lulu, which started in 2010 as a study of 100 breast cancer survivors journaling among themselves, expanded to offer activities such as a recent workshop for cancer survivors and caregivers with guided writing, drawing and dancing.”After eight years as founding director, volunteering much of my time, I’m ready to do something else,” founder Lisa McKhann wrote in an email. “Project Lulu has acted as a change agent, bringing expressive arts programs into our regional hospitals and clinics. We hope that they will continue collaborating with area artist teachers to provide these healing experiences for their patients and families.”The cold truth about coldsThere’s the discouraging spring cold, the notorious summer cold and the infuriating back to school cold.

Prefer draft legal racing, because for one it more fun for the fans to watch, Reid said. Get to see the athletes more. And then for the athletes, you not going full gas the whole way so you can be more tactical. Been remembering him sitting in the stall across from me and being here an hour early and waiting for everybody else to get here, because he always loved to play, Otto said. He was becoming an integral part of our alumni. He had joined our executive committee the last year and a half, just taking initiative to do a lot of stuff outside in the community and championing events for us.

Had lawmakers left PL 88 unchanged, and the HERS board earned 8 percent on the assets it invests, earmarked assets and the AAL would still be approximately equal. But neither did. The HERS board averaged less than 5 percent for the 8 years ending June 30, 2008 (prior to Fannie Mae melt down), and less than 3 percent for the 10 years ending June 30, 2010.

The Sport Digesthas a good primer on what it takes for a locality to set itself apart in the sports tourism realm. Some of these takeaways apply to entrepreneurs looking to scale their ideas nationally or internationally. If you willing to break a few eggs while hewing to your area of expertise, consider these yet to be fully exploited sports tourism ideas:.