You may have friends, relatives or neighbors trying to pull you into the “Windows vs. Mac” holy wars. In my opinion, the choice of operating system really doesn matter. I have been a fan of paying players for years. However, we have to handle this in a way that doesn (1) further erode parity between teams and (2) doesn destroy most of the programs in the athletic department. Using Cal for the example, if we are going to compensate athletes, it needs to come from a pool that includes all the NCAA teams or at least the Pac 12 and every school should pay the same compensation.

Medical experts are increasingly concerned about the long term impact of a concussion on a still developing brain. Recent research has established a link between the physical nature of football and long term health problems connected to head injuries. The NFL, which has faced lawsuits from former players, allows just 14 days of full contact practice during its 18 week season..

Not a position we want the league to be in, Silver said. Ultimately is my hope that the rules go in the drawer and that teams step up here and see that there is a larger obligation to our fans, to the basketball community. Board also talked about current events, meeting less than a week after President Donald Trump opted against inviting the Warriors to the White House after All Star Stephen Curry said he didn want to go..

They represented the program well when it was there.” Under Houser, the Wildcats picked up three NCAC titles in the final four years of the program’s existence. In all, Chico State brought home 11 conference championships and arguably peaked in the early 1970s, when accomplished head coach Pete Riehlman led the team to 26 wins in three years culminating in a 1971 Camellia Bowl appearance a Sacramento based game in that era smaller programs considered comparable to the Rose Bowl. Just as they had done in Hughes Stadium that day 35 seasons ago, when Chico State fell short in a 32 28 battle against Boise State, Wildcats supporters in the thousands regularly overflowed into University Stadium for home games to get behind a program swiftly building a reputation as one of the most solid in Northern California.

Marvel says, “You’re welcome.” While not nearly as good as the first film, “Vol. 2” is a fun ride. Sure, I still think it should have been about Michael Rooker’s Yondu. How they fared during spring practice: Hanson was the star redshirt freshman during the spring, but Throckmorton was no slouch. The Ducks had a strong 2015 recruiting class at offensive line, and the development of him, Hanson and Lemieux has given the Ducks options going forward. “I am really happy with Throckmorton, Lemieux and Hanson,” offensive coordinator Matt Lubick said.