Some shit just writes itself. With the general public sufficiently convinced that Guatemala was a threat (good thing we don’t fall for shit like that anymore), the CIA was free to pounce and promptly launched “Operation PBSuccess.” They didn’t call it that because it failed. In short order, the US replaced the freely elected Arbenz with a right wing dictator more willing to answer to the demands of United Fruit and Guatemala’s brief flirtation with democracy and prosperity was over..

Where has this guy been? Well, from 2010 until two games ago, he was coaching tight ends at LSU under Les Miles, which was sort of like coaching designated hitters in the National League. Before that, he was the passing game coordinator at Smiths Station High School in 2009 near Auburn, where he was let go. Before Auburn, he was West Monroe High’s wide receivers coach in 2002 and Central High’s head coach in 2000 and 2001.

“I am trying to keep the faith high, but it can be hard,” he said. “Some things you just can’t control, you know. It’s a freaking rollercoaster man, it’s like crazy to think how far I’ve already come and that I’ve already been able to . An Alex Smith pass to Albert Wilson picked up another 11 yards, and on first and goal from the 4 yard line, rookie Kareem Hunt took a pitch to the right side and won the race to the pylon.All Tom Brady and the offense needed to do at that point was drive down the field, score a touchdown, and then tack on a two point conversion. Considering they made that seem easy the last time we saw them play a real game, it was almost expected to happen within the confines of Gillette Stadium.Yet Brady took a sack on the Patriots next offensive play, and he followed it up with two incompletions on deep heaves.The Chiefs took over, knowing that even a field goal would likely be enough to secure a victory. They ended up getting much more.Hunt, a third round pick out of Toledo, took a pitch and ran to the left side of the field.

Prior to his year long stint with the Commodores, Belin spent four seasons at his alma mater, Wake Forest, where he was linebackers coach from 2013 15 and director of recruiting in 2016. He coached Brandon Chubb to All Atlantic Coast Conference honors before he was picked up as a free agent selection by the Los Angeles Rams. Belin also worked with Marquel Lee, a fifth round pick by the Oakland Raiders in 2017..

I still have no idea why the Boston Bruins would give their No. 1 rival, the Montreal Canadiens, permission to talk to Claude Julien, the head coach they fired earlier this month only to be hired by the Habs. I don’t buy the idea they were glad somebody would hire him so they didn’t have to pay what was left this year and next year’s $3 million salary.