“I had a buddy of mine call me the other day and he’s like, ‘Hey man, you going long? Just say long. That’s all I need to know,'” Bryan recalled. “And I’m like, ‘It’s 8:30 in the morning, I don’t know what,’ and he goes, ‘On the anthem. Let’s start with the sideline crew. Brian Duffy was fine his reports during that thunderstorm that delayed the game for about 75 minutes were concise and informative. Chuck Galeti, the former WFMJ Channel 21 anchor, was better than he’s been in previous Browns telecasts.

One holiday together early on, I bought him an expensive massage. He never used it. Ten years later, every time he asks me for a neck rub, I remind him about that massage he never used. Across the street, antiques dealer Jerry Earnhart sat outside his shop smoking a cigarette. He watched the bike tumble through the air. It landed as if someone propped it up, he says.

Kicking things off from the NRG Stadium in Houston, Tex. Was the country superstar, who had the honor of singing the National Anthem. Dressed casually in a pair of denim jeans, black jacket and a graphic T shirt, Bryan nailed the performance and brought the more than 72,000 football fans in attendance to their feet..

Boise State pulled up this little nugget after the 70 64 win at Fresno State Tuesday night. Hutchison is now the 11th player in Bronco history to win a conference road game at every league venue in his career. John Coker, a 7 foot center who went on to a cup of coffee in the NBA, was the last to accomplish the feat in 1995 in the Big Sky days.

All have great faith in David, Harbaugh said. Done a lot for our team. I believe he really hitting the ball well, consistently for weeks. Has a lot of features that you would for sure find if you were talking through a house in 1950s, says Surine. Walk through and are wowed. It a lot to take in.

What seems like an annual summer event, the waiting with anticipation about whether Brett Favre will play another season or not came to a rest this past week. Again, ESPN and other sports groups waited outside Favre’s residence hoping to get an interview, a glimpse into what he might be thinking. He kept telling us that if the ankle was okay he wanted to play.

Nakamura had paid $17,000 a year for the Lloyd’s policy in 2012 and 2013, according to his lawyers, John W. Schryber and Julie L. Hammerman, who specialize in insurance policies for athletes. You can probably catch me jamming to the likes of Chris Young, Jason Aldean or Jon Pardi, you know. Sports is, basically, my life. I grew up playing them.